Companion Niche Urn – Single 250 Cubic Inch


We designed our product around the premise that it can be used as ornamentation in a household flower garden or for indoor placement. It could always be buried or placed in a niche. The urns construction allows for all given applications.
Each urn allows for text or a pictorial display on five panels. The larger side panels can be replaced with a joining panel and a second urn added to form a companion urn. With a combined volume and dimensional displacement that will fit within a standard cubic foot niche space. Some cemeteries are offering niches with glass fronts which our design will fit in elegantly.

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A story urn is a combination of traditional design and modern technology. The patented panel system allows for customization. Reflect a loved one’s passions pursuits and the impact they had on those around them. The chamber/panels colors of the urn shown are deep night sky / rain cloud but other options are available. This product will fit in most niches or burial vaults. A total of five panels constitute the shell of the urn. Panels may contain text and/or pictorial carvings or engravings. Replace larger side panels with a joining panel allowing for addition of more urns. Two combined urns will provide enough volume for a companion urn. Two urns joined together will fit into a standard cubic foot niche space.

Length: 25cm
Width: 14.3cm
Height: 25cm
Weight: 6kg
Capacity: 250 cubic inches


Most black and white line art will work. Once scaled to the proper panel size images may become small. Very detailed images are not recommended. Have a look in our gallery for more ideas. Customers can choose from an extensive list of available images for carving. Documents are in the right sidebar downloads which is visible if you are reading this. The internet is a great resource for artwork. Trademarked or copyrighted content requires consent from the artwork’s owner. If the artwork chosen is your own, please enclose a letter outlining this.
Burial plots have become quite expensive and difficult to find. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Your story urn can serve a more traditional means such as burial or placement in a niche.  You should not need a vault for direct burial. Columbaria and niches can differ from location to location. Check with the cemetery for size specifications before ordering.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14.3 × 25 cm


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