Address Plaques


Our address plaques are made from solid surface material. All lettering is engraved and hand painted. The plaque can also contain borders and graphic elements. Various sizes and colors are available.

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Our address plaques are made from solid surface material. Engravings are hand painted with an accent color. Borders and graphic elements will add flare to your plaque. Various sizes and colors are available. All plaques have rounded, polished edges leaving a semi gloss finish. To renew the finish with standard car wax if over time it has lost some luster. Standard paint colors include black, white and brown as fill colors for lettering. We can provide other colors as well. For plaques like the “304” with large background images it is best to talk to us first.


Fasten your address plaques to an exterior wall, posts or suspended it. If you specify hole sizes and locations we will drill them for you. Otherwise you will have drill them when you install the plaque.


The shape for your plaque should compliment the architectural style of your home. The font selection and the graphics should say something about you. Most true type fonts and web graphics will provide expected results. The internet is a great resource for artwork. Provide written consent for trademarked or copyrighted content. If the artwork chosen is your own, please enclose a letter outlining this.
Here is what others have done. More detailed plaques will need a quotation. We will be happy to put some ideas together for you.



Plaque Details

Client details for a new plaque.
  • Please write down everything we need to know such as graphics, color wordings, names, dates and etc.
  • Fonts go by many different names and quite often the same style can go by a different name. If possible, upload a copy of your font, zipped with rest of your files.
  • Depending on options, we will provide a few concepts that will work with the dimensions provided (Limit: 22"x30").
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    We need at least 2 weeks, not including shipping time.
  • Please include all related files in a single .zip file.

Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 6 cm