From Humble Beginnings

We are a small custom shop and our workers take great pride in their work. We use superior materials to ensure a quality product that is as pleasing to the eye as being structurally sound to stand the test of time. the current product line will continue to grow, offering a broader range of items to a more diverse market.

Unique Design

Story urns have been designed as a customized construction kit rather than being static and unremarkable. All components are interchangeable for urns of the same size. Simply start with a chamber and add colored panels corresponding with the chamber size. Select from a wide selection of text, images and carvings to add the panels. Experiment with different panel colors, engravings, carvings and material patterns.

Design And Durability

When you decide to customize is up to you. Have changes made by us or someone else.
Seventy percent of cultured marble is mineral content. Colored pigments and acrylic resin make up the remaining material. Thus, the urns are very durable and weather resistant.

Off The Beaten Path

Lives encompass a diverse collection of events, interactions, interests and people. This forms us into who we are. Express it that the way you want. This allows for greater freedom than other product on the market. Our unconventional design lends way to a more diverse product. We designed our products for a little more. Display them outdoors or in a glass niche.